These bracelets are beautiful (Bridget Bracelet Collection) and the best bracelet ever for the price. They have been "flying" out the door of our shop and everyone loves them. Thank you for such a great product.
South Bay Aux. Gift Shop, Rolling Hills Estates, CA
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I am very satisfied with this company. They were very helpful and returned emails and phone calls promptly. I love that they are open even on Sundays. That's usually the only day I have to do the ordering for my shop and shipping was great. I received products within 3 days and I live in Hawaii. It usually it takes 2 weeks. Really really awesome company! Try it you will not be disappointed!!! Gwen Gager — Hana, Hawaii — Wailua Valley gifts
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Fashion Jewelry Wholesaler is a family owned business that has been supplying retail businesses for over a decade with high quality wholesale fashion accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, glass sets, mood and toe rings, body and magnetic, novelty, tattoo items, hair accessories and more. Our prices are very affordable and we are proud of our customer service. We are a leading manufacturer, direct importer, distributor and online supplier of the finest lines from classic concepts to new trends of jewelry and accessories. We believe we also maintain the largest inventory in the industry and products ranging from wholesale Murano glass pendants, sets, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, wine stoppers, toe mood rings, artisan bracelets, wholesale body and costume jewelry, scarves, pashminas, stainless steel rings, crystal figurines, good luck and evil eye concepts, tattoo items, magnetic items, murano glass wine stoppers, expressions bracelets, feather and hair extensions, wholesale gift boxes, hair accessories, Iphone accessories, Fashion Belts, Nail File and Stickers, Natura Jewelry, Novelty Items, Peace and Pewter Concepts, Pill Boxes wholesale, Scarves and Pashminas, Sport Energy Wear, Survivor Wear, Tattoo Items, Wallet Accessories, Watches wholesale, Wish Bracelets and more. Please come back more often as we add new items every week. Make sure you also visit our retail stores Crystal Florida Online and CMB Gifts Online.


Monthly Specials For October

Wholesale Coin&Cosmetic Purses
$120.00  $115.00
Save: 4% off
Lucky Evil Eye Macrame Bracelets Wholesale
$72.00  $69.00
Save: 4% off
Wholesale Safari Wallets
$84.00  $81.00
Save: 4% off
Wholesale Steel Nose Hoops
$16.00  $15.00
Save: 6% off
Wholesale Samba Earrings
$144.00  $139.00
Save: 3% off
Argento Deluxe Bracelets
$200.00  $195.00
Save: 3% off
Wholesale Valentine's Bracelets
$96.00  $89.00
Save: 7% off
Wholesale Hope Bracelets Wholesale
$96.00  $89.00
Save: 7% off
Wholesale Suede Leather J (12 Pcs Pack)
$3.00  $2.99
Save: 0% off
Wholesale Card Holder Case
$108.00  $99.00
Save: 8% off
Flash Bracelets Wholesale
$48.00  $47.50
Save: 1% off
Wholesale Amorosa Bracelets
$180.00  $169.00
Save: 6% off
Elephant Macrame Bracelets Wholesale
$72.00  $69.00
Save: 4% off
Wholesale Eyebrow Circular Barbells
$21.00  $20.00
Save: 5% off
Wholesale Araceli Earrings
$252.00  $239.00
Save: 5% off
Wholesale Beach Party Necklaces
$180.00  $169.00
Save: 6% off
Wholesale Belizima Bracelets
$189.00  $175.00
Save: 7% off
Wholesale 70s Hair Bands
$180.00  $175.00
Save: 3% off
Wholesale 80s Hair Extension
$153.00  $147.50
Save: 4% off
Wrap Braided Leather Bracelets Wholesale
$120.00  $117.50
Save: 2% off
Wrap Watches Wholesale
$252.00  $245.00
Save: 3% off
Xoxo Bracelets Wholesale
$72.00  $69.00
Save: 4% off
Wholesale Power Adopter
$36.00  $35.00
Save: 3% off
Teen Watches Wholesale - Closeout
$180.00  $89.00
Save: 51% off
Stainless Steel Earrings Wholesale - Closeout
$108.00  $49.00
Save: 55% off
Fimo Floral Necklaces Wholesale - Closeout
$216.00  $89.00
Save: 59% off
La Bamba Bangles Wholesale - Closeout
$500.00  $99.00
Save: 80% off
Nail File Kit #3 Wholesale - Closeout
$36.00  $30.00
Save: 17% off
Magic Wallets Wholesale - Closeout
$84.00  $48.00
Save: 43% off
Patriotix Iwo Jima Wholesale - Closeout
$360.00  $125.00
Save: 65% off
Industrial Wear Bracelets Wholesale - Closeout
$360.00  $149.00
Save: 59% off
Cebu Necklaces Wholesale - Closeout
$30.00  $24.00
Save: 20% off
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