Crystal Figurines Wholesale

We carry a large collection of collectible crystal animal figurines, bird figurines and rose sculptures. Following is a detalied summary of our items in stock; Crystal Owl Figurine on Stand with Amber Wings and Claws, Mystic Dragon, Standing Monkey, Fatty Pig, Large Standing Horse, Sitting Elephant, Rabbit, Squirrel, Mouse, Medium African Elephant, Lion King, Teddy Bear, Panda, Rhino, Hippo, Turtle, Hummingbird, Tropical Bird Figurines, Owl Head Giant, Owl Head Small, Red Parrot with Blue Tail, Hanging Butterfly with Amber Wings, Hanging Butterfly with Blue Wings, Medium Butterfly with Amber Wings, Medium Butterfly with Blue Wings, Medium Butterfly with Pink Wings, Medium Butterfly with Red Wings, Large Butterfly with Amber Wings, Large Butterfly with Blue Wings, Large Butterfly with Pink Wings, Large Butterfly with Red Wings, Hanging Ball, Hanging Heart, Angel, Diamond Paperweight, Small Swan, Red Beak Swan, Mach Fighter Jet, Large Oyster, Two Dolphins, Tropical Colorful Fish, Gold Fish, Small Light House, Medium Light House, Dolphins on a Heart, Oyster and Pearl, Small Sailboat, Dolphin Family on Ball, Dog, Dog with Bone on foot, Fatty Cat, Crystal Clear Rosebud, Rosebud in Vase, Long Stem Rose, Blue Rosebud, Pink Rose, Red Rosebud, Standing Blue Rosebud, Standing Pink Rosebud, Standing Red Rosebud, Blue Rosebud in Vase, Pink Rosebud in Vase, Red Rosebud in Vase, Red Long Stem Rose, Red Rose on Oval Mirror, Red Rose on Oval Mirror I Love You, Pink Rose on Oval Mirror, Lilac Lavender Purple Rose on Oval Mirror, Milano Rose Lilac/Lavender/Purple, Heart, Red Heart, Blue Rose on Oval Mirror, Milano Rose Blue, Medium Apple with Green Leaf, Medium Red Apple with Green Leaf, Large Apple Green Leaf, Giant Apple with Green Leaf, Milano Rose, Milano Rose Red, Hanging Star, Blue Parrot with Amber Tail, Ball Ornament

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